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Why Women Need Knee Replacements More Often Than Men

Why Women Need Knee Replacements More Often Than Men

It’s no surprise that men and women have different health issues, but it might surprise you that the need for knee replacement surgery falls heavily in the women’s column. In fact, women undergo this procedure at a rate of 45.6% higher than men.

Dr. Bryan King and Dr. Jeffrey Cuomo, our experienced surgeons at Tuscaloosa Orthopedic & Joint Institute in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, explain why.

The science behind women’s high rate of knee replacement

Knee pain is common and unsurprising given this weight-bearing joint's constant use, overuse, and abuse. It often stems from injuries due to falls, sports, or auto accidents, but the most common culprit is arthritis — osteoarthritis specifically. 

Our team offers many conservative treatments to address knee pain, including total knee replacement surgery, but only as a last resort. When surgical intervention becomes necessary, we find that women need it more often than men, and here’s why.

Female Knee Anatomy and biomechanics

Osteoarthritis — the breakdown of cartilage in the joints — can affect anyone, but women experience this debilitating condition 40% more often than men. Since osteoarthritis is the main driver for knee replacement surgery, this stat explains why more women than men come in for this procedure. 

However, osteoarthritis isn’t the only culprit. Here are several other factors that exacerbate the problem for women.

If you have chronic knee pain, contact Tuscaloosa Orthopedic & Joint Institute to find out what’s causing it and how to avoid knee replacement surgery. 

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