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4 Reasons Getting Older Hurts Your Back

Everything seems to ache a bit as you age — especially your back. Is it your imagination, maybe because of something you did recently to cause it, or is there some science to back up your age-related back pain? Find out here.
Sep 1st, 2023

How to Manage Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at Work

Carpal tunnel syndrome can seriously slow you down on the job. So if your wrists are wracked with pain and stiffness, you need these practical tips to get through your workday.
Aug 8th, 2023

3 Sneaky Causes of Joint Pain Besides Arthritis

Hands down, arthritis tops the charts when it comes to joint pain, but it’s not the only menace to your human hinges. Here’s a look at some lesser-known conditions that cause creaking, stiffness, and pain in your joints.
Jun 5th, 2023

Ankle Sprain vs. Stress Fracture: 4 Critical Differences

Whether you tripped, stumbled, fell, collided, or twisted, you’ve injured your ankle and can’t tell if it’s sprained or broken. Here are four differences between the two types of injuries to help you suss out what happened.
May 2nd, 2023

How to Avoid Waking Up with Shoulder Pain

You went to bed feeling fine, only to wake up with excruciating shoulder pain that makes brushing your teeth and getting dressed nearly impossible. What happened, and how can you avoid it tomorrow?
Mar 14th, 2023

3 Habits to Avoid If You Have Carpal Tunnel

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, you need pain relief and healing. Unfortunately, you may be worsening your condition without knowing it. Are you guilty of these habits that aggravate carpal tunnel symptoms?
Jan 19th, 2023

Am I a Candidate for Hip Injections?

You wince just by getting into and out of your car, and wonder what can be done about your nagging hip pain. Depending on the root cause, you may find relief in a simple injection. Here’s what you need to know.
Dec 9th, 2022

4 Common Ways to Treat Your Knee Pain

Whether your knee pain stems from an injury, arthritis, or disease, all you want is relief. Take a moment to discover the top four ways to treat knee pain.
Oct 5th, 2022

Will My Fracture Heal on Its Own?

After the painful experience of breaking a bone, the last thing you want is to undergo surgery. Take a moment to discover if invasive procedures are necessary or whether your bone will repair itself.
Sep 7th, 2022

Try These Stretches If You Want to Avoid Carpal Tunnel

Your job or hobby may put you at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome, but that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to suffer from this painful wrist condition. Find out how a few simple stretches can help you avoid it.
Jul 1st, 2022

What to Do After a Dislocation

A football tackle, a car crash, or even a bad fall can force any of your joints out of place. You’ll likely know it’s a dislocated joint from the extreme pain and immobility, but do you know what to do about it? Take a moment to find out.
Jun 1st, 2022

Is Going Barefoot Bad for Your Feet?

Summer’s coming, and as the temperature rises in Tuscaloosa, it’s tempting to kick off your shoes and let your feet go bare and natural. Here’s why that’s a bad idea.
May 1st, 2022

Life After an Open Fracture

All bone fractures are traumatic, but when a broken bone breaks through your skin, it can have lasting effects that change your life. Here’s what to expect after an open fracture.
Apr 4th, 2022

How to Jump Without Hurting Your Joints

Whether you’re hopping around with your kids or you’re a professional athlete trying to outperform your opponent, jumping can damage your joints. Learn a few joint-saving techniques that can keep you bounding and leaping with ease.
Feb 1st, 2022

Could You Have a Hip Fracture and Not Know It?

Excruciating pain and the inability to walk are classic signs of a hip fracture. Is it possible to break your hip without realizing it? Here are the symptoms that definitely indicate a hip fracture, and those that may mislead you.
Jan 5th, 2022

A Closer Look at Bone Spurs

Much like the spur on a cowboy’s boot, a bone spur is pointy and painful. If you have a bone spur on your foot or ankle, it can cause pain, numbness, and walking problems. These issues could seriously hinder your holiday plans. Not on our watch.
Dec 7th, 2021

Who's at Risk for Fractures?

Since it takes just one wrong move to break a bone, it stands to reason that anyone can suffer a fracture. But some people may be more prone than others. Find out if you’re at risk for cracking a bone.
Nov 5th, 2021

Tips for Avoiding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do you have weakness and pain in one or both wrists? You may be developing carpal tunnel syndrome, a common nerve condition. Learn how to avoid this uncomfortable condition with these expert tips.
Sep 7th, 2021

Understanding How Your Knee Works and What Can Go Wrong

Your knee joint is as complex as it is important to your body’s functioning and your everyday life. Learn how this collection of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments helps you excel at sports, and what happens when something goes wrong.
Aug 10th, 2021

4 Ways Hip Pain Is Treated

Does your hip hurt? You’re not alone. Hip pain is common, and it can be debilitating. Find out four of the best ways to treat hip pain.
Jul 7th, 2021

Could Your Foot Problems Be Due to Diabetes?

While foot and ankle problems are common, especially among athletes, another segment of the population is also prone to foot and lower limb issues. If you have diabetes, find out if your foot problems are due to this condition.
May 5th, 2021

Prepping Your Home for Recovery From Knee or Hip Surgery

Knee and hip surgeries can help you resume an active lifestyle — without pain. Before you can resume your activities, you need to heal after surgery. Get tips on how to prepare your home to make recovery more comfortable after surgery.
Apr 1st, 2021

When a Broken Toe Requires Care

Did you stub your toe? Pretty painful, right? But how do you know if it’s more than a stubbed toe? Find out whether it’s actually broken, and how to care for it.
Feb 4th, 2021

Do I Need a Hip Replacement?

If your hip hurts and you can’t find relief, it may be time for hip replacement surgery. Learn when the time is right to consider surgery to treat your pain and stiffness.
Dec 1st, 2020

8 Causes of Your Foot Pain

Does your foot hurt? There are any number of reasons why you might be having foot pain. Take a moment to focus on eight common causes of foot pain and how to reduce the suffering.
Nov 5th, 2020

Strengthen Your Grip with Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common and painful condition that can impact your grip strength and ability to perform daily activities. Learn how effective treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome can improve your grip strength, and your life.
Oct 13th, 2020

What is Sports Medicine?

If you’re an athlete and you play hard, you probably know you might get injured. Even if you’re not going at maximum effort, however, you can still get hurt. Learn how a sports medicine specialist can treat your injury and get you back in the game.
Sep 10th, 2020

5 Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery

Are you considering surgery? Worried about the pain and recovery time? Learn the five major benefits of minimally invasive surgery, which includes less time spent on the couch, and more time with loved ones.
Aug 13th, 2020

Understanding When Knee Replacement Is Your Best Option

Does your knee hurt? Does your knee pain stop you from doing the things you love the most? You may be a candidate for knee replacement surgery. Learn when knee replacement may be the best treatment for your pain.
May 22nd, 2020

7 Tips for Avoiding Sports Injuries

Playing sports is great for your physical and mental health. Getting injured is not. Take a moment to explore these seven expert tips to help keep you from getting sidelined.
Apr 24th, 2020

Waving Goodbye to a Shoulder Impingement

Does your shoulder hurt when you reach your arms up? If so, you may have shoulder impingement syndrome. Learn how to say goodbye to pain and other shoulder impingement symptoms with our help.
Mar 12th, 2020

Most Common Signs of a Stress Fracture

Do your feet or ankles hurt? If you’ve been training hard for your sport, you may have developed a stress fracture. Learn the most common signs for this type of overuse injury, and how to treat it.
Feb 17th, 2020

I Type All Day — Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Inevitable?

Almost everyone has heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, but most people don’t know much about it except that it can be caused by repetitive motions. This is true, but it’s not the whole story. Find out what causes it and how to treat it.
Nov 1st, 2019

When an Ankle Injury Requires Medical Intervention

People of any age can injure an ankle while playing sports or stepping on uneven ground. Minor ankle injuries can heal on their own, but if you have notable pain and suspect a sprain or fracture, you need medical help.
Oct 1st, 2019

Am I Too Young for a Hip Replacement?

Think hip replacement surgery is only for the elderly? Well, tImes have changed. Many men and women in their 40s and 50s are now opting for this life-changing procedure. Read on to learn why the hip crowd is increasingly younger.
Jul 21st, 2019